My personal experiences as a high school student in the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) fundamentally shaped my scholarly interests and commitment to youth, urban communities and schools, and the profession of teaching.  My studies have clarified that struggles of youth of color could largely be attributed to the failed relationships too often defining interactions between students of marginalized cultures and their teachers.  My research draws on culturally empowering frameworks, critical pedagogy and literacy, and cultural studies to improve urban teacher quality, capacity, and practice. 

My work with teachers in urban schools has focused on creating and implementing pedagogies to address the instructional, ideological, and institutional struggles facing them as educators in and out of their classrooms. Pragmatically, we engage in conceptual translations of social and pedagogical theory to increase the cultural responsiveness and critical components in one another’s teaching practice.  Together, my research, service, and teaching responds to the call from underserved communities and urban educators searching desperately for concrete remedies that could help arm teachers with the classroom know-how to transform the lives of young people in their classrooms. 

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Urban Education & Social Justice