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Overview of

Project Learn Belize

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Project Learn Belize


      Donors can now make contributions on-line! Click on the link below and follow the directions. All gifts generate an email confirmation and a gift receipt through the mail. Under the auspices of the University of San Francisco, all contributions are tax-deductible.

      All gifts to this fund are deemed restricted by the University, for the sole use and purpose of supporting the works of Project Learn Belize.

      No financial compensation for participation is provided to any member of the USF community from this fund.

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PLB: Teacher Assistant Program /

Health Advocacy Program

January, 2013


·        Ten members of the USF Teacher Education Department (faculty, staff, student teachers) returned to work at Sacred Heart School, along with nine members of the USF School of Nursing.

·        View the video here <view thru Picasa>

·        Read about the programs here < School of Education monthly newsletter>




New VIDEO: Extreme Makeover

Sacred Heart School - Dangriga



·        Through the generosity of PLB donors, the school received a major renovation during the summer of 2012

·        View the video here <you need Windows Media Player>

o   Or click on this link <view thru Picasa>


Project Learn Belize

You will need Windows Media Player software to view it.

·        This is an 12 minute video presentation that provides background and introduction to Project Learn Belize





The “Kids” Connection

Schools in the U.S. are developing on-going communications and support for students at Sacred Heart School in Dangriga.

·        Starting in 2009, third grade students at Convent Elementary collected funds each year to provide their counter-parts at Sacred Heart with new desks and classroom fans.

·        The fall of 2011 saw the development of a new partnership between first grade teachers and students of the Haverford School in Pennsylvania and Sacred Heart in Dangriga. The students not only exchange letters; they learn about each other’s world.

+ See a video communication from the students in Belize with the Haverford School: Click here

+ Learn more about Haverford’s Turkey Bowl, an annual Thanksgiving event at the school:



Sports Day at Sacred Heart School

·         One of several relay races during Sports Day at Sacred Heart – March, 2012


The Children of Dangriga

You will need Windows Media Player software to view it.

·         Some sights and sounds from the children of Dangriga.

·         Also available with either link: 

·         thru PICASA

·         Or: On FACEBOOK





Project Learn Belize: Building the Future

Proposed Library & Reading Rooms for Sacred Heart School

NOTE: You must use Internet Explorer for this site address

(once the link is established, in the bottom left corner, click on Slide Show; left click your mouse to advance the slides).

       After Project Learn Belize –sponsored Literacy Workshops (see below: Teacher to Teacher Exchange: March 2008), teachers from Sacred Heart Primary School in Dangriga, Belize expressed a need for a space for reading instruction outside of the classroom. The current classrooms are not suitable for reading and literacy instruction because they are noisy, lack privacy, and share walls with other classrooms. There is no existing library for the school.

       Students from the University of San Francisco Architecture Department partnered with Dr. Geoffrey Dillon, S.J. (director of Project Learn Belize), USF Teacher Education graduate students in Teaching Reading, and faculty and staff from Sacred Heart School to design reading rooms and a library for the school.

      This is a slide presentation of the planning process, including the final design.





Project Learn Belize:

Health Advocacy Program

PLB & School of Nursing: May, 2010

·         Project Learn Belize was excited to launch a new joint initiative with the School of Nursing at the University of San Francisco: the first phase of the SON Health Advocacy Program brought participants to Belize in late May of 2010, as part of a team to explore opportunities for ongoing collaboration between the community of Dangriga and the USF School of Nursing.  During this inaugural trip, four nursing students/graduates and a professor of SON presented educational modules, related to health, nutrition and first aid to students and faculty members of Sacred Heart School in Dangriga. Outside of these presentations at the school, the team had several opportunities to dialogue with health & civic leaders of the wider town community.


Project Learn Belize:

Health Advocacy Program

PLB & School of Nursing: March, 2011

·         Building upon the success of the May, 2010 visit, students, graduates & faculty in the School of Nursing traveled to Belize during USF Spring Break in mid-March, ‘11. (pdf)


Project Learn Belize:

Teacher Assistant Program: January, 2010 < opens with QuickTimePlayer- The link will connect you to the Facebook website and actual video.>

·         For the third year in a row, teacher credential students of the USF School of Education returned to Dangriga in January, 2010, for another two-week immersion experience, that included running an educational camp (the first week), followed by assisting local teachers in the classroom.


Archives: Print, Pictures and Video


Project Learn Belize

USF Teacher Assistant Program

      Information Sheet


      Participant Handbook


Project Learn Belize –Winter, 2010

Summary of activities of  Project Learn Belize during 2010. (pdf)


Project Learn Belize –Winter, 2009

Summary of activities of  Project Learn Belize during the first two years of operation. (pdf)


Project Learn Belize

This is a twelve half-pages booklet that presents the origins and works of  Project Learn Belize during its first nine months of operations.


Project Learn Belize

A one-page overview of current and proposed ventures of Project Learn Belize


Project Learn Belize

Reprint of article in the online USF news (March 13, 2008)


Scenes from Building Dedication: January 15, 2008

First venture of Project Learn Belize included the renovation of an abandoned building at Sacred Heart Primary School, Dangriga. Almost half the funding came from the first benefactor of Project Learn Belize. This is a partial clip of the dedication ceremony, which includes the talk by Dr. Jeff Dillon, director of PLB.


Project Learn Belize - Teacher to Teacher Exchange: March, 2008

This was the first undertaking of PLB: Teacher to Teacher Exchange to bring a USF professor to Belize to work with local faculty at Sacred Heart School.


Project Learn Belize – Teacher to Teacher Exchange: June, 2008

Project Learn Belize: Teacher to Teacher Exchange continued in June, 2008, as Dr. Yvonne Bui, associate professor in SOE’s Department of Learning & Instruction, along with three recent USF master’s graduates in Special Education (Elias Barlow, Mary Busby, & Robin Irey), traveled with Dr. Dillon, the Project’s director, to Sacred Heart Primary School in Dangriga.

Project Learn Belize expanded its understanding of “benefactor” to include the contributed services of a volunteer who joined the others for the June trip.


Project Learn Belize – Teacher Assistant Program: January, 2009



Project Learn Belize - January 2009 trip <opens with QuickTime Player>

Project Learn Belize traveled once again to Dangriga in January, 2009 for its Teacher Assistant Program, matching students from the USF School of Education's Teacher Education Department with local Belizean teachers at Sacred Heart Primary School.

Vision, Mission, Values  Statement of USF

At its quarterly meeting on September 11, 2001, the University of San Francisco Board of Trustees approved a new Vision, Mission, Values Statement for the University. Articulating a shared vision and mission for the University has been a priority for USF President Stephen A. Privett, S.J., since he took office on Sept. 15, 2000. "It is important for the University to agree on who it is and where it wants to go before determining a strategic direction," Fr. Privett said.


Information for Potential Benefactors

The University of San Francisco is recognized as a tax-exempt educational organization by the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.

TAX ID#: 94-1156628


Contributions to Project Learn Belize [Payee:  Project Learn Belize: USF] can be mailed to:

Dr. Geoffrey R. Dillon, S.J.

Project Learn Belize / School of Education

2130 Fulton Street

San Francisco, CA 94117

·         All gifts to this fund are deemed restricted by the University, for the sole use and purpose of supporting the works of Project Learn Belize.

·         No financial compensation for participation is provided to any member of the USF community from this fund.


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For additional information, please feel free to contact the Director:

Dr. Geoffrey R. Dillon, S.J.


office: 415-422-5489

fax: 415-422-5526

Links to other sites


Creole Proverbs

·         Collection of wonderful Creole (Kriol) proverbs from Belize with literal translations & meanings (pdf file)

Belize Discover Website on Dangriga

World Fact book on Belize

·         This is part of the website sponsored by the C.I.A.

Lonely Planet on Belize

National Anthem of Belize

·         Students sing their anthem almost daily.

Migration Map: Garifuna

·         Illustrates the migration flow of the Garifuna (a predominant group in the southern part of Belize). The town of Dangriga is recognized as the "capitol" of the Garifuna in Belize. (pdf file)


·         Belize News, Headlines Online, Weather, Newspapers, Radio Stations, Search, Instant

Belize Weather Bureau Information

·         Weather announcements and other national emergency postings

Belize National Emergency Management Organization (NEMO)

·         NEMO is 'responsible for Emergency Management countrywide and the coordination of all International assistance in the event of a disaster, during the 'non-crisis periods', the NEMO Secretariat is responsible for the development, refinement and exercising of all Emergency plans.

Belize Tourism Board

·         Official website of the Belize Tourism Board

Belize Ministry of Education

Belize Government Website

·         Official Website Portal of the Government of Belize,


Creative Writing: Teacher Resources - Pt. 1

Creative Writing: Teacher Resources - Pt. 2

Creative Writing: Students - Pt. 1

Creative Writing: Students - Pt. 2


January 2011


Severe Weather

Heart Rate

Disney Math

Graph Paper (blank)







Electronic Gradebook


SHS Camp Activities

The following links are individual "lesson plans" that can be adapted and used during the January SHS Camp

(click on each red link - You will need Adobe Acrobat, as they are "pdf" files)



Activity Time

Be a Bully Buster   

Students look at the role of bystanders in instances of unkind behavior and identify ways to respond

50 minutes

The Caring Being

Students explore positive v. negative behaviors and social interactions

40 minutes

Conscious Acts of Caring

Students record moments of kindness, caring and compassion thru written stories, pictures, poetry, etc.

40-45 minutes

Conflict Escalates  

Using stories, students identify how conflicts get worse

45 minutes

The Ridicule Free Zone:

Constitution of Caring   

Students explore pos. v. neg. behaviors & social interactions, towards committing to making their classroom a Ridicule-Free Zone

45-50 minutes

Creating a Peace Place

Students brainstorm how to set up and use a "Peace Place": a special place to go when someone needs to center him/her self or is feeling upset or angry

40-50 minutes

How Would You Feel If... 

Students explore empathy and naming feelings

40 - 45 minutes

Torn Heart

Students explore the effects of "put downs" & "put ups"

50 minutes

Walk in Another's Shoes

Students explore two different points of view in a conflict and explore the limits of teasing

50 minutes

·          Hints for working in the classroom

Best Practices & General Advice

Classroom Strategies

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